"Ben" appeared on TV when he still was a skinny teen. Although as the years went by and he became more and more well-known, it seems the new-found wealth took it’s toll on his physique. He always struggle with his weight and has his ups and downs, yet he doesn’t seem to be too ashamed to show off his body sometimes. He matured a bit but still is the funny guy of my country’s media.

Istenes Bence (Hungary)

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Chris Brown weight gain

Chris Brown weight gain

Richie Incognito


Sim mo (youtube)

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Joshuah Welch again! Damn…he is so chunky and cute. If he ever sees this he should know that some guys love his physique the way it is. His handsome face really tops it all off too. ;)

gotta love that

Starting to get a nice pear shape!

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Niall, One Direction

Niall, One Direction

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Pete Wentz back in 2008 when he gained sympathy.


Matt Lapinskas weight gain


Mihudmx video “Playing with Food and Oil.

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